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Considering buying a domain name? 

A domain name appraisal can help you determine a fair price for the domain you're interested in.

With a domain name appraisal, you can get an accurate estimate of the domain's worth based on factors such as its length, keywords, popularity and similar domain name sold on the aftermarket. This information can help you negotiate a better deal with the seller and avoid overpaying for the domain. Additionally, knowing the value of a domain can help you make informed decisions about your online presence and branding strategy. Get a domain name appraisal today and make sure you're making the right investment for your business.

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Establishing Fair Value

Our domain name appraisal service is designed to provide accurate and reliable estimates of the market value of a domain name. We achieve this by leveraging the vast amount of data available on historical domain name sales across various marketplaces. Our comprehensive database includes millions of domain name sales, which we use to generate value ranges that reflect the market value of a domain name as closely as possible.

To ensure that our appraisals are as accurate as possible, we use a range of filters to refine our data. These filters include factors such as domain name length, lexology, date sold, TLD, and many other data points that are relevant to the valuation of a domain name. By taking into account a wide range of factors, we are able to provide a more accurate appraisal that reflects the current market conditions for domain names.

Going into negotiations with well-researched market data puts the buyer in a strong negotiating position and ensures that they are not going to pay more than what the domain name is worth.

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Does a domain name have a history?

Like many things, some domain names have a past that may come with issues. If these problems are not resolved, new buyers may inherit them. That's why we don't just analyze the market value of a domain name. We also conduct research on the Registrant and the domain name history to capture information about who we are buying from and any issues with the domain name or website that the buyer should be aware of.

This due diligence is extremely important when buying a new domain name asset. It allows us to ensure that our clients are making a sound investment. By providing our clients with a comprehensive report that includes all relevant information about the domain name and its history, we enable them to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase. With our due diligence process, our clients can rest assured that they are buying a domain name asset that is not only valuable but also free from any potential legal or reputational issues.

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